RCD Safety Switch Testing

By having the RCD’s (Safety Switch) trip time / current tests performed on your premises your company will be fulfilling its obligations under New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3760.

rcd safety switch testingRCD Safety Switch Testing

Electrical Testing Services conduct a 6 monthly, yearly or bi-yearly procedure (Pending environment) to ensure that the New Zealand Standard is being met.

RCD Safety Switch Testing Procedures
  • Locate switchboard and identify circuits protected by RCD’s
  • Check switchboard door hinge, locking mechanism and weatherproof seal
  • Clean outside switchboard and general area
  • Barcode RCD Circuits for tracking and data management procedure
  • Push button test to ensure RCD is operational
  • Plug in RCD test device and measure for trip time and current in accordance with Standard
  • Record all test results and action taken

RCD Safety Switch tests performed on your premises

rcd Switchboard

RCD Switchboard

RCD Residual Current Device

RCD Residual Current Device