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Electrical Testing Services Ltd (ETS) is a privately owned company with a Head Office based in Auckland and strategically located personnel in both islands of New Zealand.

ETS has built a reputation of exceeding client’s expectations, and providing a professional, consistent, and confidential service.

Our Vision

To provide a professional, consistent and confidential workplace safety service by offering long term surety of reliability, quality and price for Electrical, Fire and Safety Compliance in New Zealand.

Through the implementation of the latest technology and staff multi-discipline training, ETS aims to guarantee absolute satisfaction by superior service during every customer contact. ETS aims to achieve its goals for continual operational & systems improvement by:

  • Attracting and retaining blue-chip customers

  • Improving workforce effectiveness and skills

  • Continuing to build an agile and innovative organisation

  • Delivering on promises and exceeding expectations

  • Continually improving critical processes and workflows

  • Managing corporate governance, risk and compliance

  • Maximising performance, profitability and competitiveness

Our Service Benefits

ETS assists in ensuring workplace compliance to specific electrical and fire safety requirements, not only by providing relevant compliance information to clients, but also by providing a highly focussed service that exceeds recommended regimes.

The ETS service provides a transparent and accountable approach by offering a combined Electrical and Fire Safety Compliance service backed by secure record & data management (eDAS).

Benefits derived from ETS services include:

  • Implementation of electronic monitoring process.

  • 24/7 On-line access to all data updated regularly.

  • Reduced data entry, paperwork, and management time.

  • Substantial reduction in compliance expenses.

  • A transparent ETS process of service  & quality control.

  • Extended data reporting: analysis of all bar-coded and tested assets.

  • Regular servicing with all test results centralised to one database.

To enhance higher levels of customer service, Technicians are required to leave a self-assessment form on completion of their service at each client site. When returned, ETS Management routinely monitors each Technician’s performance against expectations.

The ETS Advantage

ETS uses separate bar code and highly durable test tags to ensure tags cannot fall off or be easily removed  resulting in test record discrepancies.

ETS provides 3 Phase testing through their appliance testers to ensure test integrity. (i.e. each phase has been tested to ensure raw test data can be produced, if required).

ETS calibrates their test equipment to manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure the accuracy of your results. If not calibrated, data may be read incorrectly and create accountability concerns if investigated by a Court.

ETS has a high hourly test ratio through the integration of sophisticated electronic equipment and well trained Technicians with substantial field experience. This single factor contributes significantly to the highly competitive prices offered.

ETS uses State-of-the-Art electronic testing devices which automatically store test results for upload to eDAS.

The test records provided by our PAT testers are your guarantee that tests have been completed. Each test device stores and downloads raw test data into the eDAS data management system reducing client exposure in the event of a formal investigation.

Using electronic data transmission and client web access, ETS eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation of handwritten notes in log books or the need to manage spread sheet data stored on multiple CDs.    It avoids loss of data.

Staff are extensively trained in the use and application of PAT testing. Each technician meets our stringent training requirements and carries a Construction industry Induction Card. Many of our Technicians also have First Aid Certification.

ETS is the chosen partner for many national firms and small businesses.
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Department of Finance & Deregulation on two occasions has called upon the services of (ETS) Electrical Testing Services to conduct the annual electrical testing within our tenancies. We found them to be very competitive in this market and believe that they have a great deal of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Staff of ETS at all levels, conduct themselves in a very professional manner and have a high regard for their clients. Whilst the testing was being conducted there was an open line of communication between all parties, which either alerted us to, or allowed us to deal with any problems as they arose. It also assisted with keeping the electrical testing schedule on track and assisted with completing the project ahead of schedule.

The technicians were only too willing to adhere to our processes, procedures and particular requests to ensure that the program got underway on time and ensure that the program ran smoothly, even if at times, it did interrupt the schedule. They were also more than happy to provide us with particular OHS / Technical advice, when requested.

The follow up provided by ETS once the program was completed has been valuable. Their eDAS internet site, which is inter-active, has been of great assistance to our department in managing our facilities.Over the course of our dealings we have been able to refine processes by working as a team and by building a good working relationship with the company.We wish ETS every success in the future.

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