Fire Safety Inspection, Testing & Compliance Services

ETS undertakes Portable Fire Safety Compliance Testing and Inspections in accordance with NZ4503

This service includes:

  • Sprinkler clearance inspections.

  • Routine Inspection of Portable Fire Extinguishers, Hoses and Blankets.

  • Inspection and discharging of Exit and Emergency Lighting including cleaning of fittings. A review of the paths of travel and Emergency Exits.

  • One report itemising all inspections and any areas of concern.

  • Itemised maintenance records maintained through eDAS

  • Each inspection, test and maintenance record is logged on to our centralised data base eDAS and the retest date automatically generated, when due.

To ensure an appropriate integration with other ETS Compliance Services, a detailed Audit and quotation will be provided on request.

Providing professional, consistent and confidential workplace safety service by offering long term surety of reliability, quality and price in New Zealand since 2000.

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