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At ETS, our expert auditors capture essential details of each asset such as serial number, manufacturer, model, date of purchase, and others to make the schedules of maintenance based on individual requirements and asset lifecycle. Our unique asset identification solutions allow our engineers and technicians to inspect, maintain, test, and report each asset.

Benefits of Auditing

Availability of assets

Identification of assets’ condition & location

Reliability of asset

Reduction of risks

Budget forecasting for Repairs and Maintenance (R&M)

Asset maintenance programming

Focused asset management to maximise ROI

Work Health and Safety (WH&S)

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Electrical Testing Services (ETS) is committed to undertaking its business in a manner that recognises the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.

We have developed an Environment Policy to facilitate:

Complying with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory requirements relating to environmental issues;

Managing environmental and related issues in accordance with any client requirements, policies and procedures;

Ensuring that our employees, contractors and suppliers are aware of and have the necessary skills to fulfil their environmental obligations with respect to ETS operations;

Educating and training our employees to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices; and

Periodically reviewing and revising our Environmental Policy and procedures to maintain their relevance.

Our Company is committed to programming continuous improvement initiatives and focussing on positive performance indicators as part of our overall Integrated Management System.

ETS acknowledges that its senior management has overall responsibility for guaranteeing an environmentally friendly workplace and encourages the support and contribution of all its employees, contractors and suppliers.

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