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Having tested millions of electrical appliances across New Zealand & Australia, you can trust ETS as your electrical testing and tagging partner.

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ETS Technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect, test and tag all electrical appliances in accordance with the relevant New Zealand Standards and legislative requirements. Every item tested will be transferred to form a complete Asset Register for your future reference.

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Test & Tag Christchurch

Electrical Testing Services NZ

Do you want to perform an electrical test and tag in Christchurch? At Electrical Testing Services NZ, we can help you with unmatched services that ensure all your appliances are up to the standards. We are a premier company committed to ensuring that high-quality standards in electrical installation, maintenance testing, troubleshooting, and engineering are met. Our highly qualified and trained electricians guarantee electrical safety and high-level reliability. We provide full-service support for both commercial and residential electrical distribution to ensure your facility cost is controlled.

24/7 emergency services

We know that electrical emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Electrical Testing Services NZ has a 24/7 emergency service offering solutions to any after an hour or unexpected problems. Regardless of the time, you can call us, and we shall be ready to help with all your electrical testing and maintenance needs.

Fully certified
We are certified to provide test and tag Christchurch services. Besides, all our electricians have the right education levels and accredited by the relevant institutions to offer the services in Christchurch and beyond. Combined with ongoing training and vast experience, you can trust in our unmatched ability to provide the best test and tag services in your property.

Aim to bring the highest quality
Our major goal is to deliver the highest quality test and tag with unmatched integrity, excellence, and professionalism. Note that your electrical equipment contributes to common electrical breakdowns in your home or business. We provide state of the art electrical test and tag, analysis, diagnostics, and reporting. Our company has the flexibility and ability to provide these services and ensure your equipment are up to the standards.

Provide a wide range of services
At Electrical Testing Services NZ, we perform a wide range of diagnostic tests including voltage drop, ultrasonic, infrared and phase balance testing. Besides, we also provide electrical maintenance services such as tightening, cleaning, and adjustments of component/ connection. Unlike most other companies, we also offer repair to some of the issues we detect during the test and tag process. We do this to ensure they do not bring problems to your property.

Guarantee safety
Our Test and Tag Christchurch services aim to reinsure the safety of your electrical equipment, electrical distribution system, minimize the risk of interruptions and ensure your property has reliable and high-quality power. At Electrical Testing Services AU, our electricians offer an affordable approach and top-notch level services in the industry. With our services, you have peace of mind knowing all your equipment is safe for use.

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